Design + Motion

Anti VJ – Paleodictyon

03 04 06

One of the most inspirational projection mapping projects I have seen for a while by Anti VJ.

Originally a video mapping installation created for the singular architecture of the Centre Pompidou Metz museum, Paleodictyon The App is its digital counterpart.

Developed by Simon Geilfus, who co-directed the original piece, the application makes use of the same video mapping technique, however here it is instead transposed to a digital space, where virtual projectors give light to a 3D model of the museum. A digital replica.

More information about the Paleodictyon installation can be found here.

New-new trend?

:N*: One of the best conceptual title sequence, which seems to be the new-new trend for creators to shine, is the recent FOTB titles by Nando Costa. Surreal monochrome ambiance set the tone. Organic matters with bouncing or magnetize elements are strung together in a darkish yet dauntingly beautiful collage.

It won’t disappoint.