Design + Motion

HOLO3 is now available. Entitled “Mirror Stage: Between Computability and Its Opposite,” guest editor Nora N. Khan and 15 luminaries reflect on the profound implications of AI and computational culture.

Universal Everything has just published a glimpse into their brand explorations for LIVART furniture.

“Cube” embodies the amazement and surprise artists evoke from the audience and begins with a set of rooms symbolising the diversity of the festival’s speakers and artists’ creative practices.

VSK.WORLD is dedicated to learning 3D with a certain focus on design.

There is something I like about this font, maybe its the TDR vibes. TX—A™ A monospaced display font inspired by Japanese letters — featuring a combination of sharp edges and satisfying smooth curves.

Ingram Mono is a sans serif font design published by Minor Praxis.

OneTenEleven recently joined Dropspot, a curated NFT Marketplace on the Cardano network, the worlds most sustainable blockchain.

System Process Form by MuirMcNeil and Unit Editions. The ultimate typographic experiment – 7,762,392 typefaces from one of the world’s foremost typography studios.

Check out, a curated marketplace for creatives with a great selection of mockups.

Explore is a brand new platform for creatives. A place where you can share your work and meet a creative community without distraction. The network looks to be early days but already features studios including Sawdust, FutureFabric & Buck. is part of the family network.

RM Mono, the monospaced version of RM Neue. A type family that functions well for graphic design purposes, like posters, logos, and booklets.

M9 by Michael C Place. A celebration of the small things that lead to great things, of nature, public footpaths, bridleways and byways of this wonderful county.