Design + Motion

The definitive illustrated history of the cult videogame – a heart-thumping fusion of groundbreaking graphic design, architectural futurism, electronic music and high-speed racing.

Inspirational R&D work from Media.Work exploring Foam characteristics & materials. They examined the visual and structural complexity of foam.

Soft and malleable, it adjusts to the objects with which it interacts and takes various complex shapes.

An Exploration of Tactile Textures in Nature Natural sculpture formations set in seemingly impossible earth-like landscapes covered by living elements of surreal colors, each film travels through each almost at a micro level, witnessing its evolution. The body of work delves into textural, tactile elements morphing, and interacting with each other in surreal environments. The […]

HOLO3 is now available. Entitled “Mirror Stage: Between Computability and Its Opposite,” guest editor Nora N. Khan and 15 luminaries reflect on the profound implications of AI and computational culture.

Universal Everything has just published a glimpse into their brand explorations for LIVART furniture.

“Cube” embodies the amazement and surprise artists evoke from the audience and begins with a set of rooms symbolising the diversity of the festival’s speakers and artists’ creative practices.

VSK.WORLD is dedicated to learning 3D with a certain focus on design.

There is something I like about this font, maybe its the TDR vibes. TX—A™ A monospaced display font inspired by Japanese letters — featuring a combination of sharp edges and satisfying smooth curves.

Ingram Mono is a sans serif font design published by Minor Praxis.

OneTenEleven recently joined Dropspot, a curated NFT Marketplace on the Cardano network, the worlds most sustainable blockchain.