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Thanks to Insydium for publishing a case study on the Ludovico Einaudi project.

Antony Kitson, discussed his work on the music video for Ludovico Einaudi’s composition for the main theme of the Japanese film “The Third Murder”.

Say hello to the new img.oneteneleven site.  The site was setup due to the forthcoming closure of Small Victories. This site was based on dropbox and was used to dump images & gifs to create quick portfolio updates. The new img.oneteneleven site is an expansion of this, containing a simple repository of images, animations & creative output. It will be […]

New work online for Everything Everything. Supernormal and Mercury and Me is the first new music from Everything Everything since the release of acclaimed 5th LP Re-Animator last year which emerged to widespread critical acclaim last summer with many hailing the band’s visionary cocktail of intricate experimentation and immediately accessible art-pop. Released on 10inch colourful splatter vinyl for Record Store […]

I am pleased to share my latest project for The new collection from ground-breaking composer and pianist Ludovico Einaudi, ‘Einaudi Undiscovered’ which is out now. A selection of rarities, hidden gems and unreleased tracks handpicked by Einaudi himself from his 25-year career. My video for Main Theme, is a cinematic exploration of abstract 3D landscapes, […]

Everything Everything – Re-Animator is out now. I had the pleasure of working directly with the band to produce the Re-Animator Vinyl, CD & Cassette artwork. 3D photogrammetry scans were provided by Jon, who passed them on to OneTenEleven to work some Cinema4D magic. Find out more about the project at

New studio website now launched:

Unit Editions Latest book ‘Studio Culture Now’ is now available to Pre-Order. Studio Culture Now is the essential guide to setting up, running and developing a design studio. It offers bang up-to-date advice and guidance for designers working in a world of rapid change. Featured studios include: Atelier Dyakova, Champions Design, Civilization, Design by Toko, DIA, […]

Universal Everything has been exploring the unique capabilities of the iPad Pro LIDAR depth camera as part of its recent experiments in augmented reality. These studies explore the potential of AR depth and colour to create next-level spatial interactions which connect deeply to your surroundings. View AR Lab

I am participating in this years 36DaysOfType for the 3rd time. The project was briefly on hold due to Instagram blocks, but is now back on! This year I am focused on producing a custom experimental typeface. I have concepts designed and will be refining and posting to Instagram day by day throughout March. By […]

New Instagram profile is live! Studio Account Follow: @one.ten.eleven. Personal Account Follow: @antony_kitson. Currently working on a new OneTenEleven Studio portfolio site. Keep an eye on the blog for further updates.

After researching generative audio & geometry I came across this amazing experimental R&D project by Simon Russel using Houdini. Simon’s Audio-Geometry-Exploration has some great insights into using Midi to generate geometry using Houdini & Cinema4D. Maybe it is time to explore Houdini! Here are some of my favourites.

Generisch Mono is a monospaced version of Generisch Sans. Generisch – a german equivalent of generic – sans serif typeface has gain its own place among designers and earn such popularity due to its “simple” design. Generisch is influenced by early grotesk typefaces from early 1900’s when sans was starting to get popular and used […]