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A Bunch of Fives

A collaborative book project put together by The Designers Republic to celebrate the 5th birthday of Sheffield-based printers Evolution Print who took care of the printing.

“This isn’t a book about graphic design. This is a book by The Designers Republic™ for Evolutionprint’s 5th Birthday full of creative responses, collabs & conversations from friends, fellow travellers & co-conspirators. This is a book about connections made, bridges being built & the potential of everything multiplied by everything else, by people making their mark, sowing seeds and leaving something to grow. This isn’t a book about graphic design. Maybe it’s not really a book at all.”

The book features contributions from several well-known designers, including Vaughn Oliver, Erik Spiekermann and Neville Brody to name a few.

Strictly limited edition of 500 and not for general sale. The Designers Republic™ have released 50 signed and stamped copies of the book.

Please contact for more info.

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