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NoiseFive Launch Photos

A select few of my Noise Five Launch photos featured Attik’s website!

I was at the launch as part of the Subism team, Subism were commissioned to produce a wall of live artwork featured at the launch. 2 of Subism’s artists N4T4 and Phil Blake (Philth) drew inspiration from a double page spread from Noise Five. The artwork evolved over the evening and featured a little surprise as the lights dimmed the glow in the dark spray paint was activated.

Subism has also been involved with charity events, community art projects & murals. “We brought Subism on board for the launch of our latest book, NoiseFive. We were really impressed by the unique element they brought to the event, they worked to bring the book to life through live art and innovative use of materials. A great young company with a bright future ahead.”
James Sommerville, Co-Founder and Creative Director @ ATTIK

Take a look at the photos from the launch at:

For my full set of images take a look at my flickr gallery:

Subism are proud to be one of the first stockists of Noise Five – Visit the Subism Shop