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Wim Crouwel ‘in his own words’ by Toon Lauwen


Another nice gem now available by the wonderful folks at Typotheque, this looks like a beauty and surely one for all to digest as time and capacity allow. Here is a bit of text from Typotheque:

Wim Crouwel ‘in his own words’ presents a selection of lectures and articles delivered by Wim Crouwel between 1973 and 2006. Crouwel’s texts, who has lectured all over the world, document a lengthy and important career as a designer (professor and museum director) that spans from the early postwar years until the first decennium of the 21st century. The book mirrors a highly committed professional: a pragmatist, critical observer and at some decisive points: a utopian even. The outgoing/diplomatic character of Crouwel, who has always dressed immaculately, is shown in a small portfolio of portraits, made by different photographers over a period of almost sixty-five years.