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New Channel 4 branding by Rudd Studio

Five years on from their rebranding work for the channel, Rudd Studio updates the Channel 4 splintering logo in a series of new on-air graphics packages…

Keeping the famous logo centre stage – the original multi-barred “4” was the creation of Martin Lambie-Nairn in 1982 – Rudd Studio has created a series of new animations of the graphic, with this new work attempting a more “oblique” and “cubist” feel, they say.

The studio’s Matt Rudd worked with animation director Oscar Gonzalez to develop a way of viewing the logo from two angles at once. “It seemed appropriate for the channel to see things in an unusual way,” he says. “We were surprised at how the logo remained recognisable, even with only small details of it revealed.

“We made many of the on air elements five years ago so that they would incorporate video or photographic images,” Rudd continues. “This device has helped the Channel’s latest identity to endure well, and we chose to keep it.”

The new graphics package includes 100 one-second stings and several animating textures which contain photography.

Rudd Studio worked closely with designer/director Sylvie Minois on this part of the project with photography by Minois, Eleanor Ridsdale and Matt Rudd.

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