Design + Motion

Say hello to the new img.oneteneleven site. 

The site was setup due to the forthcoming closure of Small Victories. This site was based on dropbox and was used to dump images & gifs to create quick portfolio updates.

The new img.oneteneleven site is an expansion of this, containing a simple repository of images, animations & creative output.

It will be used mainly to showcase unused creative work, experiments, 3D render tests or projects that don’t make it to

Built upon Grav CMS with a custom theme setup by OneTenEleven. The theme is developed around Bulma, a free open source CSS framework. Bulma coupled with Grav are a pleasure to work with and the site was up and running in just a few days.

Galleries are not quite as quick to setup as with Dropbox, however the Grav Shortcode Gallery++ Plugin makes things simple.

There are still some tweaks and refinements to make, and images will be updated from time to time. Keep an eye on the blog for updates.

Any feedback welcome!


After being part of the private beta programme, I have been experimenting with the platform over the last few months, to say I have been impressed is an understatement.

Cables is the creative code platform I have been waiting for.

Cables is a tool for creating beautiful interactive content. With an easy to navigate interface and real time visuals, it allows for rapid prototyping and fast adjustments.

You are provided with a set of operators, such as mathematical functions, shapes, materials and post processing effects.

The platform is now open for public beta. Sign up here.

Find my Cables profile online here. I will be continuing exploring cables throughout 2020 so keep an eye on my profile.

Here are a few of my early experiments.

Hi-Response — A truly modular theme for WordPress.


Hi-Response is a truly modular theme for WordPress designed by Emil Olsson. Hi-Response is optimised for portfolio and blog sites in the need of a flexible template. Theme options and a highly modular layout system really sets a new standard. Shape the theme (without the need to code) with 3 page/post layout module generators, 5 taxonomy listing styles and theme options to control pretty much everything from layout, colors, typography and interaction. This enables you to tweak and stand out.

Hi-Response is used by agencies such as & If you are looking for a well developed stylish theme for wordpress, look no further.



Koken is a free system designed for photographers, designers, and creative DIYs to publish independent websites of their work.

The system offers robust publishing tools for web sites where images can be published  directly from Adobe Lightroom. Koken also serves responsive media and retina photo quality images, perfect for a crisp looking portfolio.

There are a number of themes available out of the box, and Koken is simple to install and setup.

I have been invited to develop a theme for the platform which will be on sale soon (details to follow). Im currently in the process of getting my head around Koken’s template markup language “Lens” and so far all is going well.

Keep checking back for further details.

Find out more about Koken here: