“Glow Sustain” follows last year’s “Sans Chapeau” and “Slow D’s”, and is a more accessible window into the world of Lully. Named after 17th century composer, instrumentalist and dancer Jean-Baptiste Lully, his moniker is just one of the many eccentric aspects of the Lully project.

Lully explains “this is a song about the pressures of wearing new clothes.” At first this may seem like a shallow or vapid construct for a song, but with constant pressures from the media and society, people, young and old, that pressure can be all too real.

The track is also accompanied with the following poem from Lully:

“The hand di Adamo and the anguine bite
This fleur de Lully illumines the night

Perpetual spin and alchemical glow
‘Twont yield to gravity or hourglass’d flow

The front and the back: betwixt fiction and fact
A h’raldic pirouette! Ends the opening act”

“Glow Sustain” is out now via Aesop.