Design + Motion

Onesal – Visual AMSR

An Exploration of Tactile Textures in Nature

Natural sculpture formations set in seemingly impossible earth-like landscapes covered by living elements of surreal colors, each film travels through each almost at a micro level, witnessing its evolution.

The body of work delves into textural, tactile elements morphing, and interacting with each other in surreal environments. The work set off to blur the boundaries between nature and design, simplicity and complexity, in an uncompromised abstract way.

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Universal Everything – LIVART

Universal Everything has just published a glimpse into their brand exploration for LIVART furniture.

UE experimented with LIVART on a wide design and motion exploration into dynamic typography, anthropomorphic objects and iconic figures.

The outcome is the basis for a fresh new visual language for the design of retail interiors, signage, packaging and TV commercials.


Creative Directors: Sam Renwick, Cai Matthews and Matt Pyke
Design and Animation: Chris Perry, Matt Frodsham, Joe Street
Producer: Amalie Englesson
Executive Producer: Claire Cook

OFFF 2023 – Found Studio

On March 23, 24 and 25 OFFF returns, the festival of reference that shows the latest trends in the field of creativity and design.

The OFFF’s “Cube” campaign was brought to life by a team specially assembled for this purpose, consisting of Vasava, Barcelona (concept and creative execution), Found, London (CGI and motion), and Combustion, São Paulo (sound design and music). With its visually stunning and thought-provoking concept, OFFF 2023 promises to be a truly inspiring event that celebrates diversity, constant change, and the power of creativity.

“Cube” embodies the amazement and surprise artists evoke from the audience and begins with a set of rooms symbolising the diversity of the festival’s speakers and artists’ creative practices.

Ludovico Einaudi – Main Theme Of “The Third Murder”

I am pleased to share my latest project for The new collection from ground-breaking composer and pianist Ludovico Einaudi, ‘Einaudi Undiscovered’ which is out now.

A selection of rarities, hidden gems and unreleased tracks handpicked by Einaudi himself from his 25-year career.

My video for Main Theme, is a cinematic exploration of abstract 3D landscapes, fluid simulations & sculptural formations set to Ludovico Einaudi’s Title Track from the film “Third Murder”, one of the tracks featured in the album ‘Undiscovered’.

Taking inspiration from natural elements, Japanese landscapes & Mother Earth. There are also subtle references to the opening sequence of the 2017 film.

The landscapes were developed using displacement mapping, height maps & procedurally generated techniques.

Created on Mac utilising Cinema4D & X-Particles. Textured & rendered with Cycles4D.

Behind the scenes video now online on Vimeo.

Audio & Geometry

After researching generative audio & geometry I came across this amazing experimental R&D project by Simon Russel using Houdini.

Simon’s Audio-Geometry-Exploration has some great insights into using Midi to generate geometry using Houdini & Cinema4D.

Maybe it is time to explore Houdini!

Here are some of my favourites.

X-Particles Challenge 2019

My submission for XP-Challenge 2019 – X-Cloud.

Created using Cinema4D & Rendered in Cycles4D, with minmal post in After Effects.

I challenged myself to learn some of the new tools insydium’s latest release of X-Particles. xpExplosiaFX & xpFlowField were utilised to control the direction of the cloud simulation. Custom shaders were created with Cycles4D using the Point Density Texture node.

The scene was back lit with Cycles lights and volumetric lighting added with the Cycles Volume Scatter node.

A-Track Kinetic Typography

Inspiring motion work from Dia for A-Track, a DJ and record producer.

Dia created a typographic identity system as the foundation for all design. A range of unique artwork created for varying assets working within a set of typographic driven parameters. From the more minimal expression of the brand seen in the website and tour flyers to a maximal expression illustrated in album covers and live show visuals.

DD5 Overview




The concept of Cyberia is “the Unknown Territories Shaped by the Digital Ethnos”. This, “Ethnos” refers to the generation of digital people that are changing our world, and continuing to influence our culture. As our world becomes increasingly digital, it ultimately transforms to become a ‘Cyberia’.




Digital Decade Exhibition @ Ugly Duck

Anna Neklesa

Aristarkh Chernyshev LOADING 2007 – Electronic Superhighway (2016-1966) at the Whitechapel Gallery opens on 29 January to show the impact of computers and internet technologies on contemporary art. The exhibition brings together over 100 works including film, photography, interactive works, painting and drawing by over 70 artists. Arranged in reverse chronological order, the exhibition begins with works made at the arrival of the new millennium, and ends with artefacts from Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T), an iconic, artistic moment that took place in 1966. Highlights include: Internet Dream (1994) by Nam June Paik, ‘the father of video art’ – a video-wall of 52 monitors displaying electronically-processed images; New large-scale works by Douglas Coupland, author of ‘Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture’, on show in the UK for the first time; Photographs from Amalia Ulman’s Instagram based selfie project Excellences & Perfections; and a wall covered in an image by artist Constant Dullaart of Jennifer in Paradise, the first picture ever to be manipulated using Photoshop (Taken by one of the creators of Photoshop on holiday in the 80s, it depicts his girlfriend on a tropical beach).

Daniel Armengol Altayó

Egor Kraft


Melanie Courtinat

Salome Chatriot

Designcollector Network Presents Innovative Exhibition of Digital Art in London
“Digital Decade 5: Cyberia” takes place at Ugly Duck from 25-27 August 2017
47-49 Tanner Street, London, SE1 3PL

DesignCollector Network (curator, Arseny Vesnin) presents an innovative exhibition exploring
the intersections digital and physical forms (“phygital”) in art as part of the annual event Digital
Decade, featuring 50 emerging artists working in the field of digital art. This year’s theme of
“Cyberia” encourages artists to reflect on the concept of the newborn digital-native that is
changing our common value systems.

The Digital Decade collaboration and exhibition now in its fourth year, has run successfully each
year since 2013. Curated by DCN and partners, the first round of Digital Decade consists of
online Open Calls where selected artists are featured in the exhibition in London.

For 2017, the 5th Edition of “Digital Decade”, DCN teamed up with the leading creative
platforms Ello Network and Curioos to bring 35 digital artists together engaged in creating print
artworks to take a part in a London exhibition. One third of these artists made a cut from a huge
shortlist selected by the prominent Jury during “Ello x Digital Decade” Open Call. Another
addition to upcoming event is a new challenge made together with Sedition Art Platform that will
feature the work of selected video artists. Also a number of interactive, phygital and VR artists to
join the exhibition to create an immersive atmosphere.

The concept of Cyberia is “the unknown territories: shaped by the digital ethnos”. This, “ethnos”
refers to the generation of digital people that are changing our world, and continuing to influence
our culture. As our world becomes increasingly digital, it ultimately transforms to become a

The exhibition takes place over three days in August, at Ugly Duck on Tanner st in London. For
this new creative season Ugly Duck has chosen the theme Real/Virtual and “Digital Decade 5:
Cyberia” was happy to won their venue grant earlier this year. Exhibition invites visitors and
artists into a visual dialogue on geopolitical, environmental, social and even interstellar changes
taking place in our world with digital art and technology. Event will feature VR, Print, Phygital
and Interactive installations as well as Creative Talks from industry leaders.
Event RSVP:

Opening Night Registration
25 August: 6PM – 10PM: Opening Night, Free entrance, Bar, DJ set, Artists at presence
26 August: 12 – 8PM: Full Show + Creative Talks: Studio BLUP; Radim Malinic; Chris Labrooy
27 August: 12 – 4PM : Closing Day

Partners and Organiser of Digital Decade 5: Cyberia
DesignCollector Network – Curator and Organiser: Arseny Vesnin
DesignCollector Network (DCN) is an online media platform for exploring the best of visual
media arts and design since 2003. Founded and edited by Arseny Vesnin, DCN has become a
leading online media outlet exploring the rapidly changing world of new media art, design and
creative disciplines.

Ello – Main Sponsor and Partner
Ello is The Creators Network, a socially-powered publishing and collaboration platform supporting a
global community of artists. Founded in 2013 by a small group of art & design professionals, Ello
provides a creative oasis for artists and their fans while empowering artist x brand collaboration via
our Artist Invites program.

Ugly Duck – Venue Granter
Ugly Duck Ugly Duck is a London Based social enterprise that revitalises empty and underused
buildings, and open them up for creative uses. Ugly Duck has also been used as unusual
locations for films, photoshoots, and events. The Digital Decade 5beria exhibition will be held at
Ugly Duck’s location in Bermondsey at 49 Tanner St, London, SE1 3PL, UK.

Sedition Art – Video Art Partner
Delivering Video Art challenge and showcasing selected artists on “Sedition digital Frames” at
Digital Decade 5. Sedition Art is the world’s leading online platform for artists to display and sell
their art in digital format for connected screens and devices. Sedition offers everyone an easy,
enjoyable and social way to experience art-collecting at affordable prices. The company was
founded by Harry Blain, the owner of Blain|Southern. The mission of Sedition is to change the
art world by introducing a marketplace for collecting and trading art in the digital age.

Curioos – Print Art Partner
Designcollector is proud to have Curioos as a retail partner. They are printing all artworks for
Digital Decade 5. Curioos is a curated marketplace of lifestyle products designed by
independent artists. It’s the one-destination for graphic artists to profit from their creativity by
selling their artworks on high-quality, everyday products such as wall art, apparel and

Virtually Mine – VR Art Partner
London based virtual reality hire and services company offering vr solutions worldwide. Virtually
Mine provides VR Equipment and curates 2 VR Artists for Digital Decade 5.
LUWA – Event Organisation Partner –
London-based Young Architects are helping with venue design and installation second year in a
row. Literally exhibition won’t happen without them.

For more information, please contact:
Arseny Vesnin, curator

Press release provided by Alex Cordier who has a passion for travel, contemporary art ,
technology and digital media.