Design + Motion

The Falls

A Collaboration between Dave Lynch, Greenmount Studios and myself for Light Night Leeds 2016.

A 100ft Digital waterfall projected from City Square onto the Queens Hotel. Takes you on a journey from the abstract to the hyper real, driven in perfect synchronization by a musical score inspired by the chaotic forces of nature’s white noise.

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Leeds Bid

Digital Decade IV

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We live in the age of ecological downshift as a matter of economical and political crisis on the Earth. The only planet we have that we must not take for granted. There is literally No Planet B. The idea is to bring attention to the problems our planet is currently facing – economic, environmental, political – and what our world would look like without them.

DesigncollectorYouth WorldWide & Curioos invited 25 Selected Artists to imagine our Planet without anything like..

The London Event in July ’16 presented by Youth WorldWide, Curioos, So!Fraiche, ToAndTO and Designcollector.
Sponsored by Depositphotos and exhibited at the Underdog Art Gallery “The Digital Decade IV” the fourth large scale event by Design Collector.