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Audio & Geometry

After researching generative audio & geometry I came across this amazing experimental R&D project by Simon Russel using Houdini.

Simon’s Audio-Geometry-Exploration has some great insights into using Midi to generate geometry using Houdini & Cinema4D.

Maybe it is time to explore Houdini!

Here are some of my favourites.

BBC Virtual Band

Collaboration project between myself, Brendan Oliver & Jeffrey Bowman (Mr Bowlegs) For the Glastonbury BBC Big Screen Project. The brief was to produce a Virtual Band – The Followers.

I modeled, rigged and rendered 3 characters each with a series of dance moves. Brendan then took my renders and made them sound reactive in Processing.

The project went down a storm at Glastonbury! With a crowd of over 3000 people at one point.

Look out for future develoments.

Photography Credit to Paul Sermon & Brendan Oliver.

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