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Birmingham Design Festival

Let The All-Seeing Eye Reveal Your Inner Truth.

The All-Seeing Eye is an interactive installation by illustrator Michelle Turton and 3D/Motion Designer Antony Kitson.

Designed for the She Speaks The Truth exhibition viewers are invited to face their truth through augmented reality (AR). The All-Seeing Eye is available to view in real life from 6 – 20 June at Medicine Gallery. What will you see? Share your truth with #BDF2019.

Michelle Turton @michelleturton
Antony Kitson @OneTenEleven

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Birmingham Design Festival

LWD Birmingham

BrandNu – Studio 234

A collaboration with BrandNu for Studio 234. 3D Illustrations were created based around the studio 234 logo.

Various techniques were used within Cinema4D to create the illustrations, MoGraph Effectors, Cloners, Soft bodies & X-Particles were among the techniques.

The work featured in BrandNu Book of Ideas Vol 2. Available from Amazon.