Design + Motion

GMunk vs Lightform

Amazing work from GMunk with the Lightform ‘Currents’ Sculpture displayed at the GMUNK vs MUSE Exhibition.

The work showcases some exciting new tech from Lightform, a device that connects Lightform to any projector and instantly creates magical experiences with light.

I will be keeping a close eye on this project. The features so far look great and can’t wait to hear further about the 3D scanning capabilities & specifications.

The Falls

A Collaboration between Dave Lynch, Greenmount Studios and myself for Light Night Leeds 2016.

A 100ft Digital waterfall projected from City Square onto the Queens Hotel. Takes you on a journey from the abstract to the hyper real, driven in perfect synchronization by a musical score inspired by the chaotic forces of nature’s white noise.

Find out more about the project here:

Leeds Bid

Anti VJ – Paleodictyon

03 04 06

One of the most inspirational projection mapping projects I have seen for a while by Anti VJ.

Originally a video mapping installation created for the singular architecture of the Centre Pompidou Metz museum, Paleodictyon The App is its digital counterpart.

Developed by Simon Geilfus, who co-directed the original piece, the application makes use of the same video mapping technique, however here it is instead transposed to a digital space, where virtual projectors give light to a 3D model of the museum. A digital replica.

More information about the Paleodictyon installation can be found here.